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Nominating Committee (NC)

Chair: Rev. Lawrence Jones

Members as of 01/27/2023:  Cathy Gibson, Ann Peck, Paul Brown

  1. The nominating committee shall consist of six persons, one of whom will be the chairperson, nominated by the Council and elected at the final stated meeting of the year of presbytery. It shall also be broadly representative of the presbytery's churches and consist of approximately equal numbers of laywomen, laymen, and teaching elders.

  2. In keeping with the Book of Order (G-3.0111), the committee shall:

        a.  Nominate persons to fill all vacancies on standing committees (except the Nominating Committee) and other bodies that require election by the presbytery or synod.

        b.  Consult at least annually with the presbytery's committee on representation.

        c.  Observe relevant provisions of G-2.0104, G-3.0103, G-3.0301.

        d.  Assist the council in finding task group members, when asked.

NC does not have scheduled meetings, and meets as needed.

If you're interested in serving on a PNNE Committee, contact the Nominating Committee Chair.  All Committees (except the PJC) will need to fill the Class of 2025 position(s).  These are vacancies on PNNE Committees as of Nov 2022:

  • Nominating Committee

    • Class of 2023 (2)

    • Class of 2024 (2)

  • Synod Commissioners

    • Ruling Elder (RE)

    • Young Adult Advisory Delegate (YAAD)

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