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LC - Communications

Class of 2024, Elinore Standard
Class of 2025, Rev. Kurt Shaffert
Class of 2026, George Huggins, Roberta Hollinger (Chair)

Leadership Commission - Communications Subcommittee

The Communications Subcommittee is responsible for ensuring that the Presbytery can effectively and efficiently communicate with its members, leaders and congregations. This should use technology wherever possible to be both cost effective and to be in sync with modern times without losing touch with those that might not be using technology.

This responsibility encompasses the web site, the Epistle and other current and future media.

The subcommittee shall have three members in rotating classes plus the resource presbytery ex officio. The Leadership Commission chair shall appoint the chair.

Leadership Commission Subcommittees

General Information Concerning Subcommittees

Subcommittees of the Leadership Commission are elected by the Leadership Commission.  Each member of a subcommittee will be elected for a fixed period of time and assigned to a particular class.  Ordinarily, a member of a subcommittee cannot serve for more than six consecutive years on the same subcommittee, however, this may be excepted one year at a time by a 3⁄4 vote of the Leadership Commission.

Leadership Commission Subcommittees

  • Finance & Budget Subcommittee

  • Outreach-Engagement and Interpretation Sub-Committee

  • Personnel Subcommittee

  • Communications Subcommittee

  • Emerging Ministries Subcommittee

  • Camp Subcommittee

  • Disaster Response Subcommittee

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