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Commission On Ministry (COM)

"A commission is empowered to consider and conclude matters referred to it by a council.  The designating council shall state specifically the scope of the commission’s powers and any restrictions on those powers." Book Of Order, G-3.0109

Chair:  Rev. Kay Huggins

Members as of 01/25/2023:  Steve Allman, Harvey Bartlett, Ruy Costa, Bill Fwelling, Pat Fwelling, Diane Nichols-Fleming, Jim Nichols-Fleming, Skye Murray, Nancy Perkins, Emily Rackliffe, Kristine Shultis, Marnie Silbert, Al Timm, Dakota Whitaker

In keeping with the Book of Order, the commission shall:

  1. Promote the spiritual and temporal welfare of the ministries and churches of the Presbytery as enumerated in the Book of Order (G-3.0307).

  2. Visit with each session of the presbytery regularly and as requested, discussing with them the mission and ministry of the particular church and encouraging the full participation of each session and congregation in the life and work of presbytery and of the larger church.

  3. Supervise all churches with a vacant pulpit.

  4. Function as the presbytery's committee on credentials, both as to teaching elders coming into the presbytery from other jurisdictions and as to the teaching elders seeking permission to labor within or without the bounds of the presbytery.

Churches and Pastors are encouraged to visit the PCUSA Board of Pensions website:

Contact information for the Board of Pensions can be found here:

COM usually meets the fourth Tuesday of each month.

Synod Grant Fact Sheet - Oct 2022

In July of 2022, a team from COM submitted an application for a $20,000 Presbytery Assistance Grant from the Synod of the Northeast.  The grant is renewable for 2 more years.  The application was approved, and this has been incorporated into the COM budget through a newly formed Congregational and Church Leadership Fund.  The implementation and management of the grant will be managed by a six member Grant Team made up of Pastors and Ruling Elders from across the Presbytery.

Per Capita payments assistance available thru COM

From the PNNE Commission On Ministry (COM)

We invite sessions who are having a difficult time paying per capita to apply for a one time grant to complete their 2023 per capita payment.  The Synod of the Northeast has given COM a total of $1,000 to divide among sessions who have conducted a stewardship campaign and need help paying their 2023 per capita.

Please apply by October 1.

Tell us:

  • why you need it;

  • describe your 2023 stewardship campaign, and;

  • share your stewardship plan for 2024.

To apply, by October 1, send an email to the PNNE Stated Clerk, the Rev. T. J. DeMarco by clicking HERE.

Pastoral Subsidy for Part-Time Pastors from COM

From the PNNE Commission On Ministry (COM)

The Synod of the Northeast has awarded a grant of $5,000 to COM.  Two sessions can receive a subsidy payment for 50 hours of pastoral time (@$50 per hour) to do community outreach.  The time would include looking for community partners and for projects in the community.

Apply by October 1, 2023

A Session application will include:

  • a description of measurable goals and outcomes;

  • a commitment to submitting a report on:

    • how the hours were used and

    • what outcomes took place.

For more information or to apply, contact PNNE Stated Clerk, the Rev. T.J. DeMarco via email by clicking HERE.

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