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Leadership Commission (LC)

Chair:  VACANT - Jeanine Cunningham, Convener

The commission shall hold the specific responsibilities set forth in the Book of Order (G-4.01, G-3.0103), and additional responsibilities as defined and delegated by the presbytery. The primary responsibilities will be:

  1. To coordinate the mission and program of the presbytery so as to:

    • Provide a means of establishing goals and objectives for presbytery;

    • Develop a mission strategy using the goals and objectives of presbytery;

    • Review and evaluate the presbytery's mission in the light of its goals and objectives and vice-versa; and

    • Review the effectiveness of the whole presbytery's mission.

  2. To oversee the health and welfare of the presbytery;

  3. To review the presbytery's life and mission in the light of G-3.03. At no time shall the commission transact business that properly belongs to the presbytery as a whole or to any presbytery standing committee;

  4. Provide for ongoing evaluation of the presbytery's mission programs;

  5. Carry out assignments as directed, from time to time, by the presbytery.

LC usually meets the second Wednesday of each month.

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