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Committees & Commissions

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PNNE Bylaws, December 6, 2014:

A.  Standing Committees
      The standing committees of presbytery shall be:

●  Leadership Commission

●  Committee on Representation

●  Commission on Ministry

●  Commission on Preparation for Ministry

●  Nominating Committee

●  Permanent Judicial Commission

B.  GeneralProvisions

  1. Committee members and such committee chairpersons as presbytery elects shall be elected at the final stated meeting of the year of the presbytery and take office at the end of that meeting.  The memberships of these committees shall be divided into three classes approximately equal in number, with the total number of teaching and ruling elders also being equal, and one class shall be elected each year.  Active members of churches in the presbytery who are not elders may serve on the standing committees, except that all members of the committee on ministry and the permanent judicial commission must be teaching or ruling elders.  This clause may be suspended when necessary.

  2. Committee members, unless otherwise noted, are limited to service of two consecutive terms where a term is three years.  Election to a partial term of greater than one year counts as service of a full term.  After service of two consecutive terms, at least one year must intervene until election on the same committee.  This clause may be suspended when necessary.

  3. A person absent without excuse from two consecutive meetings of a committee, or with excuse from three consecutive meetings, shall upon recommendation of the chairperson be considered to have resigned.  The delinquent person, having been notified, he or she may be replaced by action of the presbytery or, in the interim between stated meetings, by the council.  Delinquent membership on the permanent judicial commission shall be replaced in accordance with the Book of Order (D-5.0104).

  4. If the chair of a Standing Committee becomes vacant, the Council Executive Committee may appoint a chair pro tem to hold that position until a new chair is elected by the Presbytery.  If the chair pro tem is not currently serving on the committee, the chair pro tem is eligible to be elected to the committee to fill a vacancy.

  5. Each committee determines their regular meeting schedule.  The chair of a Standing Committee may call a special meeting of the committee whenever she or he determines there is such a need.  Reasonable notice of the meeting shall be provided to all members of the committee.

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