Committees & Commissions

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Leadership Commission

Chair:  VACANT - Jeanine Cunningham, Convener

The commission shall hold the specific responsibilities set forth in the Book of Order (G-4.01, G-3.0103), and additional responsibilities as defined and delegated by the presbytery. The primary responsibilities will be:

  1. To coordinate the mission and program of the presbytery so as to:

    • Provide a means of establishing goals and objectives for presbytery;

    • Develop a mission strategy using the goals and objectives of presbytery;

    • Review and evaluate the presbytery's mission in the light of its goals and objectives and vice-versa; and

    • Review the effectiveness of the whole presbytery's mission.

  2. To oversee the health and welfare of the presbytery;

  3. To review the presbytery's life and mission in the light of G-3.03. At no time shall the commission transact business that properly belongs to the presbytery as a whole or to any presbytery standing committee;

  4. Provide for ongoing evaluation of the presbytery's mission programs;

  5. Carry out assignments as directed, from time to time, by the presbytery.


Commission on Ministry

Co-moderator: Jim Nichols-Fleming

Co-moderator: Diane Nichols-Fleming

In keeping with the Book of Order, the commission shall:

  1. Promote the spiritual and temporal welfare of the ministries and churches of the Presbytery as enumerated in the Book of Order (G-3.0307).

  2. Visit with each session of the presbytery regularly and as requested, discussing with them the mission and ministry of the particular church and encouraging the full participation of each session and congregation in the life and work of presbytery and of the larger church.

  3. Supervise all churches with a vacant pulpit.

  4. Function as the presbytery's committee on credentials, both as to teaching elders coming into the presbytery from other jurisdictions and as to the teaching elders seeking permission to labor within or without the bounds of the presbytery.


Preparation for Ministry

Chair: Rev. Heather Prince-Doss

In keeping with the Book of Order, the committee shall:

  1. Oversee the preparation of the inquirers and candidates for their task as teaching elders as provided in the Book of Order (G-2.06).

  2. Have the authority to dismiss candidates and enroll inquirers, reporting to the next stated meeting of presbytery.

  3. Follow the interpretation of its responsibilities as determined by the appropriate agency of the general assembly.

  4. In regard to making exceptions to the requirements for candidacy, the "extraordinary candidate" (G-2.0610) shall be one who has demonstrated inability to fulfill a requirement. The lack of fulfillment should not reflect diminished scholarship or preparedness or effectiveness in or for ministry.

  5. Oversee the training and preparation of prospective commissioned lay pastors. Once this committee determines that they are adequately prepared, the Committee on Ministry will be advised and may proceed to commission them when and if desired.


Representation Committee

Chair: Bobbie Knickerbocker


In accordance with the provisions in the Book of Order, the committee shall:

  1. Serve as an advocate for the representation of both women and men, of persons of all ages and racial and ethnic groups, persons from all states in the presbytery’s geographical areas, and of persons with any handicapping or disabling conditions, in this presbytery.

  2. Report annually to the stated clerk of this presbytery and the stated clerk of the Synod of the Northeast any extent to which the membership of the presbytery, and its bodies, falls short of the inclusiveness and participation requirements set forth in the Book of Order (G-3.0103).

  3. Recommend to the sessions through the stated clerk changes in their commissioners to presbytery that would help the presbytery membership better comply with the requirements of the Book of Order (G-3.0103).

  4. Consult with the Nominating Committee in order that the Presbytery's committees might as nearly as possible fulfill the requirements of the Book of Order (G-3.0103).

  5. Remind the commissions and committees of the principles of participation and representation set forth in the Book of Order (F-1.0403).


Nominating Committee

Chair: Rev. Larry Jones

The Nominating Committee is responsible for nominating Teaching Elders, Ruling Elders, and other appropriate church members to vacant positions on all of the Presbytery's committees.  Members of the Nominating Committee are in turn nominated by the Leadership Commission for election.


Permanent Judicial Commission

Contact: Rev. T. J. DeMarco, Stated Clerk

Church discipline is the church’s exercise of authority given by Christ, both in the direction of guidance, control, and nurture of its members and in the direction of constructive criticism of offenders. Within the Presbytery, a Permanent Judicial Commission is elected and vested with the authority of the church to administer discipline according to The Rules of Discipline of the PC(USA).