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Committee On Representation (COR)

Chair:  Elder Bobbie Knickerbocker

Members as of 01/21/2023:  Devin Dickenson, Kenneth Nelson, Daniel Krymkowski, Kari Brace.

D. Committee on Representation

  1. The committee on representation shall consist of six persons, whose membership shall consist of equal numbers of men and women.  A majority of the members shall be selected from the racial ethnic groups within the governing body, and the total membership shall include persons from each of the following categories:  1. Majority male and female membership;  2. Racial and ethnic male and female membership;  3. Youth membership and  4. Persons with disabilities.

  2. In accordance with the provisions in the Book of Order, the committee shall:

a.  Serve as an advocate for the representation of both women and men, of persons of all ages and racial and ethnic groups, persons from all states in the presbytery’s geographical areas, and of persons with any handicapping or disabling conditions, in this presbytery.

b.  Report annually to the stated clerk of this presbytery and the stated clerk of the Synod of the Northeast any extent to which the membership of the presbytery, and its bodies, falls short of the inclusiveness and participation requirements set forth in the Book of Order (G-3.0103).

c.  Recommend to the sessions through the stated clerk changes in their commissioners to presbytery that would help the presbytery membership better comply with the requirements of the Book of Order (G-3.0103).

d.  Consult with the nominating committee in order that the presbytery's committees might as nearly as possible fulfill the requirements of the Book of Order (G-3.0103).

e.  Remind the council of the principles of participation and representation set forth in the Book of Order (F-1.0403).

f.  Consult with the presbytery's pastors and commissioners, especially those serving churches in areas where large numbers of minority, racial or ethnic groups reside, in order to uncover instances of racial, ethnic, sex-group or age-group under- representation.  The committee shall then work with those pastors, sessions and under- represented groups to improve representation.

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