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Serving God with Energy, Intelligence, Imagination, and Love

The Presbytery of Northern New England (PNNE) is a mid-council of the Presbyterian Church (USA).  PNNE consists of all the ministers and churches in New Hampshire, Maine, most of Vermont and northeastern Massachusetts.  A formal description of the PNNE boundaries is found in the PNNE Bylaws, Article I.C.

At the end of 2022, 28 PNNE member congregations and one fellowship reported 2,147 members.  More PNNE statistics are available on the PCUSA statistics page for PNNE.  You can view a list of our churches on our CHURCHES page.  Our approximately 120 active and retired Ministers of Word and Sacrament provides PNNE with a significant strength.  The PNNE is one of the 19 presbyteries in the Synod of the Northeast.

PCUSA Mid-Council Relations

Upcoming Events

  • Mid Council Leader Orientation Spring 2024, March 19–20, Louisville

  • Mid Council Leader Orientation Fall 2024, September 17–18, Louisville

  • Moderators’ Conference 2024, November 14–16, Louisville

The Maine Outdoor Ministry (MOM) is pleased to announce that sponsorships for summer camp programs are available to children and youth from western Maine who desire to attend a faith-based summer camp program.  Sponsorships are based on need and may be awarded up to full tuition for not more than one session at any faith-based camp.  No church or religious affiliation is required.  Requests for any faith-based camp experience will be considered.

In addition to MOM sponsorship, both Camp Wilmot in Wilmot, NH, and Pilgrim Lodge in West Gardiner, ME, offer camperships for children who might not otherwise be able to go to camp.

For more information on MOM sponsorship, contact Emily at EMAIL or 207-491-4248.

PSNE invites all to the Agape Gala

to benefit MLK Community PC

March 2, 2024


Friends in our Neighboring Presbyteries,

A Dec. 28, 2020, arson fire did extensive damage to Martin Luther King Jr. Community Presbyterian Church in Springfield, Massachusetts.  A gala set for March 2 is designed in part to raise enough money to complete the church’s rebuilding.

I'm reaching out to share with you about next steps with our Martin Luther King JR Community Presbyterian Church.  The Presbytery of Southern New England invites you to join us for the Agape Gala next month and/or make a gift to support the rebuilding work at MLK.  We have much to celebrate and much to do!

Presbyterian News Services [click Button below] offered a great story on this process today, including a vision video and information at the end of the article (and below) about the Gala, how to get tickets, attend, and/or support.

We are grateful for the prayers and care since this terrible hate crime and arson three years ago.  2024 will be an important year as we take next steps to rebuilding and renewing ministry.


The gala will be held 6-10 p.m. ET, March 2, 2024, at the Sheraton Springfield Monarch Place Hotel in Springfield, Massachusetts.  Comedian, actress, voice-over talent and author Rolonda Watts will emcee the inaugural event.  Tickets are $100.  For more information or to purchase tickets, go here.  To donate to the church’s fire fund, go here.

So grateful for each of you!  Please let me know if you are coming!  The Gala is at a hotel, so you can also stay the night and even join us for worship the next day!

Rev. Shannan R. Vance-Ocampo
General Presbyter, Presbytery of Southern New England

Join the Presbyterian Peacemaking Program on March 4–15, 2024, to experience the region of
encounter its diverse people, explore its rich history and complex current situation and engage with those who seek its peace.  Apply online through Oct. 20, 2023.


Montreat:  Discovering Renewal, Apr 2-5

Montreat Renewal.jpg

"It's Like Summer Camp for Adults!"

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” Matthew 11:28

Our culture values hard work over rest.  Burnout is rampant.  Our jobs, obligations, churches often expect us to work relentlessly.  Hard work is good, but it is not the goal.  We often preach about the importance of Sabbath, but how often do we take our own advice?  What we need is to take time to breathe, to engage our senses, to use neglected literal and figurative muscles so that we might discover the renewal Sabbath offers.

Join us as we seek to discover renewal through activities as a way to be reminded that we can find this renewal in the most common of places.


NEXT Church Gathering, Falls Church, VA, Apr 8-11

This is for NEXT Church, a network of leaders across the Presbyterian Church (USA) and beyond seeking to impact our local contexts.  On April 8-11, 2024, we are hosting a National Gathering in Falls Church, VA.  For many of you and those whom you serve, this will be right around the corner or a few hour's drive.  I'd love for those from your areas to gather with us!

The gathering focuses on several areas to equip and empower those on the ground seeking to bring new life to their communities:

  • Community Organizing: Chris DeLa Cruz and Brett Pinder

  • Community Partnerships: Ashley Goff

  • Leading Change: Patrick Reyes

  • Identity and Coalition-building for People of Color: Jessica Vazquez Torres

  • Intersectionality: Claudia Aguilar Rubalcava

  • Preaching: Paul Roberts

Each context expert above is paired with a NEXT Church coach to accompany the participants toward impact and change in their work.  We are excited for the ways this national gathering will promote learning and immediately invite participants to think about application in a collaborative, collegial space.

There is something that happens when people gather in courageous spaces to learn and grow from one another.  The connections deepen and the network across the Church grows.  I trust the Spirit will move at this gathering and we will arrive at places we could never have imagined on our own.

HERE is a link to a media kit folder for your communications leadership.  Please use these materials to spread the word in your presbyteries and synods.  I am happy to answer any questions about the gathering or NEXT Church, in general.
Larissa Kwong Abazia

PCUSA General Assembly 226 (2024)

April 16 - July 4, 2024, Salt Lake City, UT

  • April 16–26  2-Hour Introductory Committee Gathering to be scheduled by Committee members.  Committee Leadership will schedule this gathering in early April and let you know when to be available.

  • June 10–14  2-Hour Second Committee Gathering to be scheduled by Committee members

  • June 25–27  Hold these dates for Online Committee Meeting Participation

  • June 28  Travel Date for Young Adult Advisory Delegates (YAADs) and anyone needing longer travel times 

  • June 29  Travel Date and Evening Welcome Reception

  • June 30–July 4  Plenary Sessions in Salt Lake City, Utah


Women's Connection, August 9-11, 2024


Comprehensive registration for the 2024 Women's Connection conference opened on February 1st to great anticipation!  Conference center housing in Assembly Inn and Glen Rock Inn are now full, but limited space remains for those wishing to stay in Winsborough.

However, commuters, we've saved plenty of space just for you.  Commuter registration will open at 10am on February 15, 2024, and also gives participants access to the full conference, including Becca Stevens' keynote speech on Saturday night.

Start making your plans to attend today!

Ongoing Care for Ukraine


Composer and conductor John Rutter writes: "‘How can a composer respond to a global tragedy? By writing music is the most obvious thing. Like everybody, I’ve been shocked and dismayed by the events of recent days, and the first thing I wanted to do was write some music that would respond in my own way." Thus was born this new setting of A Ukrainian Prayer —


Боже, Україну храни

Дай нам силу, вірі, й надії

Отче наш, Отче наш


A literal translation of the text is:

Good Lord, protect Ukraine.

Give her strength, courage, faith, hope. Amen.

Read more from Rutter.  The score is available for free by submitting this form.  You are welcome to duplicate the score for the sole use of your own choir.  You may like to make a donation to a Ukrainian relief charity, perhaps equivalent to the approximate cost of the copies had you purchased them.  If you wish, you are free to make an audio or video recording of the piece without a special license to do so.

For every contribution to Presbyterian Disaster Assistance, 17% of designated gifts are allocated for PCUSA operational services, and the remaining 83% goes directly to the emergency response, in this case to organizations working directly with those fleeing Ukraine.  Gifts can be made online, by calling (800) 872-3283, by texting PDAUKR to 41444, or by check made payable to Presbyterian Church U.S.A. with "DR000156-Ukraine" on the memo line.

Mail to: Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), P.O. Box 643700, Pittsburgh, PA 15264.

The church is to be a community of faith, entrusting itself to God alone, even at the risk of losing its life.

The Book of Order

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