Professional Student Loan Coaching for PC(USA) employees

Temporary changes in Federal student loan programs provide employees of non-profits with a second chance at loan forgiveness. This includes employees of PC(USA) agencies/entities and other PC(USA) organizations. The Board of Pensions and Presbyterian Mission Agency Financial Aid for Service have partnered with PeopleJoy student loan consultants to help PC(USA) employees learn about this opportunity. PeopleJoy provides coaching, advising, document preparation and submission for Federal student loan programs including Public Service Loan Forgiveness, Income-Driven Repayment Plans, Loan Consolidation, Default Recovery and more. This service will be available free of charge to employees of PC(USA) congregations, mid-councils, denominational agencies/entities, and others. Informational webinars will be available monthly starting May 12. Register now for the first webinar TODAY May 12 at 3pm EST. Learn more about EdAssist and complete the EdAssist Interest Form to start the process.

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