Commission on Ministry

In keeping with the Book of Order, the commission shall:

  1. Promote the spiritual and temporal welfare of the ministries and churches of the Presbytery as enumerated in the Book of Order (G-3.0307).
  2. Visit with each session of the presbytery at least once every three years, discussing with them the mission and ministry of the particular church and encouraging the full participation of each session and congregation in the life and work of presbytery and of the larger church.
  3. Supervise all churches with a vacant pulpit.
  4. Function as the presbytery's committee on credentials, both as to teaching elders coming into the presbytery from other jurisdictions and as to the teaching elders seeking permission to labor within or without the bounds of the presbytery. A teaching elder of this presbytery desiring to labor within the bounds of this presbytery, but independently, or with an organization not under the jurisdiction of this presbytery, shall be required to have permission, being the same as though the request were to labor without the bounds of the presbytery. All such teaching elders shall report annually to the presbytery through this committee. Permission shall not be granted to a teaching eldeer of another presbytery to labor within the bounds of this presbytery unless the work, which the teaching elder comes to undertake, has first been approved by this presbytery, after which the teaching elder must secure permission of the other presbytery so to labor in keeping with the law and deliverances of the General Assembly.
Boundary Training

The Commission on Ministry is charged with providing regular Boundary Awareness Training for Ministers and Commissioned Ruling Elders ministering within the bounds of the Presbytery of Northern New England. This shall consist of abuse prevention training (including boundaries, pastoral ethics and sexual misconduct) and shall be required every five years. Retired Ministers and Commissioned Ruling Elders must undergo this training in order to engage in any church ministry, including, but not limited to, preaching, teaching, counseling, serving on committees, celebrating the sacraments, performing weddings and funerals or any other activities normally associated with the office of Minister or Commissioned Ruling Elder.

Ruling Elders are also strongly encouraged to attend Boundary Awareness Training -- both to be supportive of the ministers with whom they work and to help them be aware of Boundary Issues in their own ministries.

ALL NEW MINISTERS and CRE’s TO PNNE are required to take BAT as soon as possible after joining PNNE.

ALL ACTIVE MINISTERS and CRE’s are required to take BAT every five (5) years

BAT for RULING ELDERS is strongly recommended.  The training events in PNNE and in the Maine UCC in 2018 are open to both Teaching and Ruling Elders but that is not true in the NH UCC, so please check when registering for any event.


  •        PNNE’s COM will be hosting one event this year  titled 'Boundary Awareness in the Digital Age'.  Twitter, Facebook and Instagram connect people together and are tools to enhance ministry, but in a world where knowledge and information are at your fingertips, what are the boundaries?  This training will help clergy to understand the importance of healthy digital boundaries in ministry and to critically discern their complexities in pastoral relationships.

          It will be held on June 23rd at the Bedford NH Presbyterian Church from 9-3:30 PM.  The cost is $30 and includes lunch.   Registration is now open - to both Teaching and Ruling Elders.

  •       MAINE UCC:   Both Ruling and Teaching Elders are invited to participate in any of these exciting trainings held by Maine’s UCC:
  •   May 19       Norway ME           The Oxymoron of Boundaries in Rural Communities
  •   June 5        Augusta   ME        Letting Go: Observing Boundaries in New Ministry Settings/Retirement
  •   Sept. 18     Ellsworth ME         Everyday Boundaries
  •   Nov 7         Waterville ME        Back to Basics

               You can register for any of Maine UCC’s events at: http://maineucc.org/boundary-awareness-training/

Be sure to let the Stated Clerk (TJ DeMarco) know when you have taken a BAT so that it can be put on your record.If you choose to pursue BAT elsewhere, you must check with the Stated Clerk to make sure that it is comparable to what we require.    You should look for a 5 hour event with a fair amount of sharing and conversation about boundary issues as they impact our lives and our ministries.  Please be aware that you must attend the entire session in order to fulfill the mandated requirement for training. 

 If training is taken outside PNNE, certification of training MUST be sent to the Stated Clerk, TJ DeMarco.

Boundary Training Registration
Note: A fee of $30 will be collected at the event.
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